Google Showing Two Or More People Also Ask Sections On A Page

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Over the past couple of weeks, I had a number of people show me examples of the people also ask box coming up two times on a single page. At first, I thought it was not new, then as more people asked me, I thought maybe it was new but maybe it was the infinite scroll loading it on page two. But now, I am thinking it is new and I am old.

Here is a videocast from Mordy Oberstein on Twitter of this in action:

Here are screenshots from Brodie Clark this morning of him seeing them in two slots on the first page of the Google search results:

So yea, I guess Google is testing showing the people also ask section two or more times on a page. It is hard to know if Google is testing this as a feature or if this is some sort of bug.

I am sorry if you sent this to me earlier and I didn’t cover it or cite you, I can’t find all the references people sent me in the past couple of weeks.

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