Google Updates Crawl Stats Report Help Documentation

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Google has also updated the crawl stats report help documentation last week. Google made a lot of support documentation changes in the past week including product rich results, Googlebot doc, job posting help doc, moving the HTTP status codes doc and also this crawl stats report help document.

You can see this crawl stats help document here and the changes were summed up very nicely by Brodie Clark on Twitter who said:

  • Note about robots.txt 404ing (can crawl any URL)
  • Using a 12hr – 30 day timeframe for fetching
  • Details about homepage usage

He posted the document before and after changes as well:

click for full size

Brodie wrote, “Heads-up: Google just added some interesting clarifications to their Crawl Stats Report doc.” Nice catch Brodie!

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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